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Nik Sylvan Art & Illustration

Creatures Real and Imaginary  

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    Like a moth to a flame...

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    Wyvera calcatrix, the Cocatrice Wyvern...

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    There are stranger things under the sea...

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    Draca ignis, the Lesser Chinese Fire Dragon...

The world is full of creatures, animals known and lifeforms as yet undiscovered.

The world of the imagination overflows with beasts, with monsters dire and beings of great beauty.

Natural historians from centuries past recorded what they saw and what they heard of, and so do I.

And some of the spirits of my mind creep out through ink and paint to find life on the page...

Meet the Artist

She looks sane enough...


Like many artists and writers, Nik has been drawing and writing—making stories—since she could hold a pencil and make marks.

Like a cat, she is often too curious for her own good, and alternates periods of questing after new knowledge, and focussing intently on one thing—sometimes something only she can see.

She specializes in natural history and fantasy illustration, which may seem two entirely opposite subjects, but it all makes sense to her.

  • BFA Fine Arts: Imterdisciplinary
  • BFA Writing: Fiction & Creative Non-fiction
  • MA Folklore: Fairy Belief

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